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760 Pumpmaster

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My daughter just unwrapped her birthday present.  Same exact thing I learned to shoot on only they make them much smaller now then they were 30 years ago. ???

$30 at Wal-Mart, I bet my dad paid more for mine.  The cool thing is they are still made in the USA and come with the same one accessory - 5 round pellet magazine.

The local wildlife is holding an emergency meeting as we speak.

Dirt Rider 3006:
After I got my Red Ryder and before my Crossman2100 there was a 760 that served me well. Great little gun. Honed my shooting skills with that one. From ages 8-12 that gun was always by my side. My father even rigged up a sling for me so I could have it on my shoulder while I was doing chores around the "homestead" (small farm that where my mom bred and trained quater horses). Even with regular cleaning and oiling I actually wore that gun out. But that was after tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of shots. I still have my 2100.

Have fun teaching your daughter and spending the time with her.

--- Quote from: Stein on January 14, 2009, 09:21:25 PM ---Same exact thing I learned to shoot on only they make them much smaller now then they were 30 years ago. ???

--- End quote ---

Are you sure about that? Nearly everything I remember as a kid, when I look at it now, it never seems to be quite as large or as impressive as I remember it to be.

Yeah, I was just joking.  It seemed full size at the time but is a bit short now.

What can I say about this great American rifle.  I had two in my years of growing up, they were very bad news for the populations of starlings and grackles in central Pennsylvania and North Florida.  Even once I had freedom with a 22 long rifle I still OFTEN took my 760 out to shoot, plink, etc.  I can say for a fact I owe a lot of my skill with a rifle to those years of 10 pumps and cock and shoot.

One of the bet little plastic guns ever made in my view.  I even shot a bat out of the air one time, (before I new better)

John Willis:
They are also available in Pink for your wife or daughter.

We have two here. Not pink though. Luckily my daughter wants to paint her pellet rifle camo. Heck my wife wants to spray paint her SUV camo.

John Willis


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