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My New Beeman - Love it!

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I do have one BIG negative on this gun now. I have used it very little so far and the front site has already broken.  The sites are really nice, high visible fiber but they are made from cheap plastic.  As I use the scope it doesn't hurt but damn this is just a really poor choice of materials in my opinion.  I am not even sure when it happened, just noticed it one day but I assure you the gun has never been abused and only lightly used.

For something so well built other wise it just makes no sense to make such a cheap and fragile site assembly for it,

I have that exact rifle, however my rear sight has broken already. No biggy I like Jack use the scope. if you want supersonic shot swing by wall mart and pick up Gamo's Raptor pellets. The same night I got the pellets I picked up a pellet trap.  If you fill it full with an old towel you can reuse the pellets, well some of them.

The gun has only been used for varmit control and play. I will kill a tree rat with no problem,,,, hummm that might be considered hunting.


I just bought one of these too.  $125 at Wal-Mart.

The sights on mine appear to be crappy plastic, maybe I'll  get a muzzle brake for it when the front sight breaks.

I'm a little concerned, the front sight also appears to be the muzzle crown.

It's been over 6 years since I last fires a gun.  I've got my work cut out for me.  300+ yard shots with my old .308 used to be no problem, now I'm lucky to hit a tin can at 20 yards ::)  Oh, well... at least the ammo is cheap.

That reminds me, where are you guys getting your .22 pellets?  Wal-Mart is perpetually out of stock here and Bass Pro Shop is 25 miles away (although it was a great excuse to make a family trip of it ;)).  Is this something typical gun shops are likely to carry?

 I got most of mine from Academy Sports, there selection was low but they still had some. You can also order online.


I got one also.  LIke JAck said rifle has loud crack to it.  Thing I did not like was the bag lasted about 3 times opening and closing before the zipper came off.  otherwise not bad.


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