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My New Beeman - Love it!

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Atlas Shrug:

--- Quote from: SwampMonster on February 03, 2009, 04:23:00 PM ---...... if you want supersonic shot swing by wall mart and pick up Gamo's Raptor pellets. The same night I got the pellets I picked up a pellet trap.  If you fill it full with an old towel you can reuse the pellets, well some of them.

--- End quote ---

Please, please don't reuse the pellets!  While they may look OK to you, it is highly doubtful that they will give a good, consistent air seal when fired again.  With a spring gun this can lead to damage over time.  As noted, pellets are very inexpensive, so why focus on such false economy?  Just shoot 'em up and buy more.

Also, go for accurate pellets over "fast" ones.  The super light pellets tend to be fast, inaccurate, and in high powered spring guns can also contribute to insufficient back pressure that over time can cause problems (similar to those noted above).

I'm not very active in airguns now, but used to be in a large way.  Young children and old parents tend to fill in most of the time I used to spend shooting air guns......

I just bought one too, I am going to try and bag a few of the feral rabbits around my yard with it. Ill post a pic if I'm successful.


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