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My New Beeman - Love it!

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I just bought a 22/177 combo pellet gun by Beeman.  It is pictured below though this is a stock photo not my actual gun.

I have only thus far used the 22 barrel and probably won't use the 177 much as this was bought for small game and pest control.  It was about 130 including the case, two barrels and scope.

One issue though, the report is about as loud as a 22 long.  It sure has some real knock down power.

You mentioned this in one of the podcasts.  I was wondering: what is the exact model number?  I was at Pyramid Air and couldn't find a rifle like this.  For that price, I need to pick one up.

Can you include a link to where you bought it if you got it online?
How hard is it to cock?
Do the barrels change out quickly?
Does the scope hold point of aim after removing and then remounting the barrel?

I could keep asking questions but will stop now. I have really wanted to check one out after you mentioned it and am seeking info.

I bought it retail at Academy it was actually 10 bucks less then Wal-Marts price which is not the normal between the two stores but I like Academy better.  They actually care about the people who work for them.  :o

It is stiff to cock but manageable for any adult.

Very fast may be 5 minutes if you were really taking your time, watching TV and drinking a beer.  If you tried to do it quickly a minute is more then enough if you have the allen wrench handy, they give you a free one by the way.

I don't know as since I removed the barrel I have yet to remove it.  If you are talking for "packing it" I bet it would be very close if not spot on.  Clearly going from 177 to 22 it will move point of impact.  I would guess if you move the scope back the same adjustment you moved it going from one to the next it should be real close.

Honestly I wanted a 22 and will mostly use it that way.  Just at the price it was less then most other pure break barrel 22s and the scope groves have a very solid "scope stop" which is important.  Spring guns are hell on moving scope to the rear.  I um "harvested" a few rock doves with it last week, they never even moved.

I had a look on the Beeman web site. they also resell the HW77, which although ir has been around for a while is a superb under lever spring gun. 

My personal preference is a HW100 pre charged pneumatic (PCP), 14 shot rotary magazine, harris bipod, a fixed x4 sight and a silencer. A single fill will last a days hunting or even a heavy plinking (target or tin can bashing) session.  Superb high quality tool, practically zero recoil. Mine is set at the UK legal limit of 12 ft lbs.  Over that and it requires a fire arms license.  I also have spring guns, but once you have shot a PCP there is no going back!!

I have a Benjamin 392 22 cal Air rifle. These have been around for a long time and are great little pellet rifles. I haven't shot anything larger than crows with it, but I'm sure that in a pinch I could take squirrel and sitting rabbits.  The best thing about air rifles is that you can throw a tin of 500 rounds in your back pocket! pellets are so cheap it really makes sense to keep a couple of tins around the house.  Pellet rifles are a great way to practice basic marksmanship in the backyard without scaring the neighbors.


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