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When I was a child (6-13/1963-1970), we lived in the "big city" of Birmingham, AL. (Jefferson County).  Went to city schools, had a house with a yard, sidewalks and all the rest of the normal "city" accouterments.  But in the summer time, I was a country boy.  My cousin's lived in the neighboring rural Shelby County and my Aunt Ida had a country store where she sold everything from fish bait to hay.  And I was blessed by being able to pack up my bags as soon as school was out for the summer and heading off to spend a couple of months in the wilds of Shelby County (now one of the fastest growing counties in Alabama and home to some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in America today such as Graystone (Shoal Creek PGA and onetime home to Michael Jordan and current home of Rubin Studdard).  So I got the best of both worlds as a child, got to live in the city most of the time and then play in the hay barns, run through the pastures chasing the cows, hunt, fish and camp in the summer. 

One of my cousin's had a Benjamin "Blue Streak" pump air riffle that we must have put over a million bb's through over the course of growing up.  We actually wore the leather pump cup out eventually but it was easily repaired when the replacement came via the mail lady.  Solid hardwood stock that never broke, was "dead on balls accurate" everytime we pulled the trigger.  Accurate enough to shoot the wings off of Wasps across the pond or hit them in flight.  It was a .177 caliber and was potent enough to knock a squirrel out of it's nest, or pop a cow in it's butt from across the pasture (I loved doing that).  It was well built, accurate and worked everytime we pulled the trigger.  Those have always been good memories for me, and good stories to share with my kids as well.  With two boy's and a girl, we went through the Red Riders and such and most didn't last a month before being handed back to me in some state of brokenness.  After my boys had grown old enough and had shown me they were responsible enough to handle a higher powered air riffle, the memories of that Benjamin Blue Streak ran through my head again.  And that's what I bought them, a pair of the stainless steel versions of my beloved childhood memories.

Now, I'm a picky person, and I really get peeved when things I purchase turn out to be pieces of junk.  I believe in quality and craftsmanship, and I sure was hoping I was setting my self up for disappointment with my choice of air riffles for my kids.  Things change, I realize that.  But there's no excuse for crap.  I am happy to report that my "new" Benjamin air riffles are just like my "old" memories.  Solid, rugged, accurate!  My oldest son is now teaching his 4 year old to shoot with the same Benjamin air riffle I bought him when he himself was 10.  I ran into my cousin a few years ago and his Benjamin Blue Streak is still shooting to this day!  'Nuff said.  Here's the closest picture I could find of what they now offer as the "Blue Streak.

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!

i had that same air gun i bought it with my newspaper route money(remember when there were paper boys). i ended up giving it to a kid i knew that didnt have one when i left for the service. but i still have my aniversery issue red ryder bb gun. i use to walk through the woods thinking i was a army ranger. i had so much fun.

Over the years I’ve managed to acquire two, one in 22 and one in 177. Great guns that have taken a number of squirrels and birds around the house. Any one have a source they have used for repair parts online? I recently picked up one of the newer plastic stock 177 pistols that will not pump up….

Always wanted one, somehow never managed to get one (yet). I have 2 boys now, and I'm sure they will probably end up with one each when they get a little older. Maybe Santa will bring one for dad too one day.

I've been wanting one for a while too. the .22 version. they seem really nice and alot better than my daisy grizzly , which goes 300  fps  :P


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