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Daisy Powerline 880

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An annoying bird kind of like a blackbird, but speckled. Short little tails too.

Wow, that and a Red Ryder bring back lots of painful memories.

"You'll put your eye out with that thing......" ;)

John Willis:
I had a 760 as my 1st bb gun. My friend had an 880 and 881. I couldn't afford one. I finally did get one. We killed so many birds and rabbits back them that the California population is probably still set back. Fast forward 20 years and we have one in the house today. My 10 year  old shoots it most days. He has high dollar spring/air guns as well as probably 10 other various air guns but every morning before school he is out in the back yard with the 880. Our supoer wal-mart has an end cap display with at least 100 of them and that here in tiny Camden TN.

John Willis

My first air gun was an 880, my newer riffle was an 835 I believe, its wore out now tho, but what do you expect for 13 years of hard use. working towards getting a newer one tho. A good ammo to use is to go out and get into the Gamo pellets, I have killed opossums and coons with raptors, as well as the magnums, not the pro magnum. I actually have pictures online but will not post the link due to their graphic nature. If you want to see them, contact me about it and I will send you the link.

 I have bought several of the 880's. If you like the 880, you should check out the 822. It is a .22 pellet rifle that is designed, and built like the 880. It is very accurate, and comes with a pretty good scope, and a real wood stock. I have several of the older model 880's that have a metal reciever, and a metal pump arm. The parts off a new gun fit right in, and you have a better gun, although quite a bit heavier.


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