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Daisy Powerline 880

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Glad to see that some of the folks that prep are getting prepared with the  air rifles for small game procurement if the need should arise. I had thought about an 880 for my son, because he had been asking for a BB rifle for Christmas.
 I got him the 1938 Red Rider instead. Not a bad little shooter.
Of coarse I didn't get it for him because of it being the featured rifle in " A Christmas Story ". The 1938 Red Rider is she same one my mothers younger brother had as a kid growing up on the family farm over in Indiana. I am the keeper of this family heirloom, and even though it is not in working order ( although it probably could be repaired ) it is still one of the original Red Rider BB rifles from the 1930's.
We took his into the back yard the day after Christmas , and set some soda cans up on a couple 2x4's with his playhouse as a backstop. He missed on the first shot, but the next one was dead on, and the look on his face let me know right away that I will have a new hunting buddy in a few more years, and the country just gained another shooting enthusiast at the same time.
So remember, teach those young shooters right. Start them with a good one, and if TSHTF, then you may have a bit of extra wild game on the table from time to time when you need it.  ;D


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