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Daisy Powerline 880

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Survivor Kid 909:
Just bought this this summer for $60.  Shoots at about 750 FPS with BBs, 700 with Pellets (If I remember right) haven't taken any game with it yet, but plan on it some time soon.

I have used one in my job to take a skunk. 1 shot to the head with a pellet, and it was dead. Good gun for the money.
Would actually be a nice piece of fairly quiet survival equipment if needed.

 I have really been enjoying mine. I got it at K-mart ( i think ) on sale for $50, It is pretty accurate with both BB's and Pellets and is fun to shoot. It also , for being so cheap, has a really nice feel to it. I am going camping soon and am gonna get a lot of target time in !

I have one and use it on them annoying grackles in my back yard.  Damn things steal more dog food then the dog eats, I don't know how powerful the gun is for bigger game but with pellets it lays a grackle flat in seconds.

What's a grackle?


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