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Registering with QSL.Com and Opsec

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We passed Both the wife and I passed Tech and General on Saturday.  I have heard estimates on 2 to 3 weeks for the mailed in submissions.  Then the fun and real learning can begin.   Came up with a plan to get a 3rd antenna up yesterday.  We will have to see if it works out.

Bill Foster.  I agree. I am not plastering my trucks with call signs just like I do not have stick figure people or My Son X plays corner back for the local high school (he is home schooled and the least competitive kid I have ever seen) on there either.

Congrats.  Keep an eye on the database for your call signs.  Once they are up there, you can operate. 

So you and the wife will likely have adjacent call signs, that's pretty cool.  I see the occasional call sign license plate around here, but not a lot.


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