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Mr. Bill:
An acquaintance who owns a ranch in a rural area near Sydney posted the following:

Tuesday 12/17/19 afternoon:

--- Quote ---Expecting temps of mid 40s over the next few days. That's 110-120F for my American friends. Current water restrictions make it against the law to hose down your children or pets. The fire crews in some areas have to truck in water from elsewhere and they're fighting 70m (230 ft) flames.

This is going to be interesting.
--- End quote ---

Tuesday 12/17/19 evening:

--- Quote ---It's difficult to describe what's happening here, but I'll do the best I can. In the last  24 hours, a wave of anger emerged. People are getting stressed. One of the back-burns went bad and properties were lost. The fire services are kind of in a defensive mode at the moment, but this is bad because information is not flowing freely. We need accurate and timely information right now. The prime minister went to Hawaii on holidays and this has a lot of people upset. He's not leading. Truth be told he''s not a leader, but there's a time when you have to step up to the plate and pretend you care what's going on and he's nowhere to be found. This is likely to have a long-term effect on Aussie politics. Speaking for the average man, we're all stressed. This mother of all fires affects not just me, but an awful lot of people.  More than that, it is just a hint of what is happening on a global scale. An entire continent is losing the vast majority of its woodlands in a matter of a few weeks. Don't  worry about what's happening to me. I'll deal with it. It's very likely this is going to happen to you. Please, learn from this. We're dealing with fires at unimaginable scales that cannot be stopped by humans. If us humans don''t get really smart really quick, a lot of people are going to die.
--- End quote ---

Wednesday 12/18/19 morning:

--- Quote ---Yeah it's pretty thick this morning. We usually get the smoke overnight. It usually clears from here also, but as the fire gets closer we're starting to see more and it stays for a longer time. Western Sydney seems to be getting the brunt of the smoke - and I expect we'll start to see respiratory casualties because this has been an ongoing problem for them for over a month. The prevailing winds are *usually* from the west and there's no fire to the west of us currently, whereas Sydney has both of these monster fires (soon to be one) directly to the west.
--- End quote ---

Friday 12/20/19 morning:

--- Quote ---Yesterday was pretty gnarly.  I had pretty bad heat stroke from working outside in 41C (the highest it got here) to clear the area of more burnable things and soak anything that wouldn't move. If this ever happens to you, staying hydrated doesn't help. You have to get out of the heat for any relief. It starts affecting your brain after a few hours. I've been breathing the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes which doesn't help either.

I've got a few friends living in the direct path of the fire at the moment. Those I've talked to are safe, but their houses are going to burn. The only thing saving us is that the prevailing wind is blowing a different direction, but it can change. That's what caused the mayhem in Balmoral and Bargo yesterday. A couple of firies were killed and several injured.

Now we've got active fire cells only about 6 kms away and one needs to watch the horizon every few minutes just in case the situation changes. I'm hoping for a chance to recharge today and tomorrow because Saturday is supposed to be another zinger with temps around 47.

Oh right. You can't really watch the horizon if it's blocked by smoke.

Right now I'm worried a bit about a friend in Pheasant's Nest. It looks like her house is under ember attack right now. She would be evacuated for sure (we hope), but the last I remember her saying was "I can't fit a half dozen sheep into my Toyota".
--- End quote ---

keep us posted on your friend. saying prayers they stay safe

Mr. Bill:
Friday 12/20/19 evening:

--- Quote ---Evacuation in progress.
--- End quote ---

oh no. sheep too?

Mr. Bill:
Cattle, I believe.  I have no idea how he's handling them, and obviously he's too busy to post right now.


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