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Buddipole Featherweight Telescoping Antenna


Smurf Hunter:
I picked up this antenna at the SEA-PAC hamfest last spring.  It was only $6 at the show ($7.50) retail) so I thought it could be an interesting backup whip for HF use when combined with a loaded coil.  That worked ok for the higher bands.  As expected 6,10,15,20 meters worked reasonably well.  I could get a tuner match a lower bands, but no signal reports to verify.

Link to whip:

One thing to know about this little whip, is the threading is NOT the normal 3/8" x24, but a much smaller.

I used this larger magnetic mount with a 3/8x24 female thread.  So any CB style whip can thread in.  I find this mount very handy to keep in the tool kit.

Link to base:

Anyhow, what's pretty slick about the featherweight whip, is if you extend fully all section EXCEPT the bottom most, it's a convenient 1:1.5 SWR on 145mhz.  From my driveway I tested out several Winlink packet stations (all simplex) and made 3 connections further than 12 miles. 

I certainly wouldn't drive around with this configuration, but in a pinch when your primary mobile antenna isn't working (well enough) this is a handy item to keep in the trunk that can quickly be adjusted to a wide range of frequencies and bands.

  Yep, Antennas are where you find them. Good use of existing material.

Alan Georges:
Very nice.  Like you said, it's one more item in the tool kit, both literally an as a figure of speech.


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