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TSP DRT worries and concerns, and possible solutions

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While surfing the web I discovered a site from a now defunct National Disaster Resonse Team (
I think that the honcho team would do well to check out this site as it has already developed many things that, with modification, we could adapt to our team.  I know it's a sort of a downer that this team folded, however I always like utilizing whatever resources are out there.

Just a thought.

GTA 90-01-020 Defense Support to Civil Authorities is a guidebook for DOD support to civil authorities in disaster response. Could be used as a foundation for a brainstorming session.

I'm interested but new to the forums. Here are some ideas, please consider what is useful and discard what is not.

Conduct video teleconferences to hash out scope of work.

Facilitate local organizations to do good work during disaster relief, be the person behind the curtain.
i.e. through churches.

Support the local police (and govt) provide them with the tools they need such as survival needs for their families, radio backup, electrical backup, auto mechanic support, etc. Work as a "proxy" through local organizations to allow them to do their jobs effectively. EMT, hospital support by providing communication, power generation, liaison. Provide 1,000's of gals. of reverse osmosis clean water to such organizations.

Helicopter, ATVs, flat bottom boats, rubber rafts.

A suggestion mission statement:
DRT is a 501 3 c organization to facilitate rapid civilian assistance to county level govt and private organizations in order to provide basic needs to local authorities, their families, and their peers, allowing these authorities to conduct their charter.

Concept:  provide personal assistance to county sheriff's department and (water/sewer commissioner?) Provide food, water, shelter, power generation to the deputies and sheriff families.  Provide personal assistance to hospital staff and EMT as needed.

Criteria:  disaster area needs to be accessible from 2 land routes, and 1 air corridor.  Disaster area local govt gives approval for DRT and scope is defined in negotiations.


--- Quote from: FrugalFannie on November 15, 2012, 04:46:30 AM ---FUNDING

IF the DRT were to get tax exempt status and IF the DRT bought a 'mobile kitchen' (which I think is a good idea as it's self contained) and IF qualified people volunteered to run the 'mobile kitchen' at events DURING NON DISASTER TIMES, the profits could be used to fund the providing of food during disasters...

--- End quote ---


It would probably make double in an recovered area that the DRT previously helped.

I would like to help here in Western PA.


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