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I don't know what drove's decision.and have always had good experiences with them. But for information, there is a huge draconian ammo law under committee review right now.  Libertarian's are fighting hard against it but it is being pushed by Republicans with Democrats cheering them on.  It would ban online ammo sales within Pennsylvania.  Might be one to call your Congress critter about.
PA Bill Would Ban Direct Internet Ammo Sales, Require $50 Permit to Buy Bullets

Adam Campbell:
They won't pass that here. The PA house AND senate BOTH voted to end the Governor Wolf shutdown and declare his orders null and void. He won't comply so they are going to have to take it to court now.

There is also a bill in the house to impeach his ass too. PA is red enough that they can propose whatever draconian BS they want but it won't pass. 90% of them would lose their jobs over it and get voted out.

1 out of every 12 people in this state has a carry permit.

It could have something to do with your problem getting ammo shipped, though.

Back before California's Ammogeddon laws went into effect several years ago, I had nothing but great service from BulkAmmo and seriously destroyed my FedEx guy's back toward the end of 2017.  Since then they won't ship ammo to me but I'll buy ammo cans from them when they go on sale.

Adam Campbell:
I was just curious and sent them a reply to the email they sent. They said it is completely an "internal issue" and that they are "working hard to get to the point where they can ship to me again."

What I don't understand is what's the f-ing difference between shipping a box to Pennsylvania or shipping it to South Dakota, or shipping it to Tennessee or Florida?

You print out a shipping label, stick it on a f-ing box, and then wait until FedEx / UPS or whatever shows up to pick up said box? What difference does it make as to WHAT ADDRESS to put on it if your business is experiencing heavy sales volume?

I absolutely DESPISE when people try feeding me a complete load of horse crap and expect me to just eat it.


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