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Interstate sales and shipping are a total pain in the @$$ now that states try to collect sales tax.

It is NOT as simple as it should be.

I have had other problems with shipping from other companies.  Sometimes it is because I live in Colorado and while I ordered the item to be shipped to Texas.  They flipped out and said oh no, you can't have that in Colorado...but it is going to Texas....and it is ok there.

I did have to sign a letter indicating that no, the 30 round magazines were not for re-importation to Colorado.  At that point I just stopped buying those sort of gifts.  I just give them money and a link so they can buy it themselves.

Also, a good company I love to do business with has more to Colorado unless you are not in a city.  Seems like the city, county, and state taxes was just too much of a pain to deal with.    The rule was, if you live in the County, you only pay state tax. If you live in the city you pay state, county, and city. 

Adam Campbell:
That actually makes sense and wasn't something I thought of.

I've checked a few times and they won't ship to me and all the stuff I was interested is gone anyway. I could see my state being a pain in the ass with regard to trying to shaft them for sales tax to the point they said screw it.


Have you shopped Academy.
There for a while, they were the best price around on shotgun shells. Case lots.
Used to be free shipping over a 27.00 order.

Haven't bought any ammo in a few years now.


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