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Anyone ever played with one of these?  They’re a beast, but fun.  Very loud and very heavy, firing an 8mm Mauser round.  The Egyptians were using them 50-60 years ago I think, and I feel sorry for the grunts who had to lug that through the desert!  I picked one up 30 years ago and haven’t fired it in ages.  But I get it out for a wipe down/lube every year and was thinking today it was time to get my gun club membership renewed so I can take her for a spin.  My 14 year old is into trap now and would also enjoy this.

Father in law has one. I fired half a dozen rounds through it and don't really have any desire to ever fire it again. The muzzle brake/recoil comp works ok, but the extra noise it creates is horrendous....and then there is the pound or so bolt/charging assembly that flings itself back at your face every time it cycles. A Barrett .50 is about 100x more pleasant to shoot. Anyone with a tendency to "crawl" the stock is likely to end up with a broken nose.  Pretty poor design IMO.

Never shot one (would love too ;)) but as a lover of milsurp they seem awesome!


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