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California CCW: Anyone got one?

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--- Quote from: Dangerous Dan on August 13, 2011, 06:21:50 AM ---I did some work for a musician here in Nashville that just moved from Cali.  He made it sound like it was easy to get. Maybe you need to have your "manager" file the paperwork for you and tell them your an entertainer.

--- End quote ---

I've always suspected that it had more to do with having the right "connections" than anything else.  That's why I'm fishing here on the forum to see how others might have done it.

Here in Sacramento county our new Sheriff (Scott Jones) has made it public that he will issue freely.  Which hasn't got the positive media attention it should.  We have been under the crony loving thumb of McGinness whose opinion on concealed carry was very different so the general mindset here is that you (the little people) can't get one. 
It is said to be very different now, I've yet to give it a go.  Applications are way up and so is issuance so it seems Jones is legit on this issue. 

Alpha Mike:
There are a hand full of county sheriffs that are pro "shall issue" CCW's. Most counts are not.  It requires connections (contributions to the sheriffs campaign fund) to get one.  :(

Disappointing....I had hoped someone on the forum would have been successful, as I need some motivation to start the process.

I know of a few people who were successful at acquiring their CA CCW's.

I do know that we need to have our reps vote for SB 610, this would streamline the process... make CA more of a shall issue, instead of a may issue.

Link to the NRA article here:


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