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Title: Cross-Loading your Ammo cans?
Post by: Greekman on March 21, 2020, 03:29:17 AM
So you have ample ammo, all stored in ammo cans. In various caliber.
How much should one cross-load in cans fro buggin out?

I have my thoughts, but go ahead first with yours.
Title: Re: Cross-Loading your Ammo cans?
Post by: armymars on March 21, 2020, 10:50:28 AM
If I have a 9mm auto I'll take more. If I have a 5 shot revolver I'll take less. What mix I take will depend on the rate of consumption and what I prefer to use.
Title: Re: Cross-Loading your Ammo cans?
Post by: Chemsoldier on March 21, 2020, 03:31:23 PM
I have considered it.  Take a .50 cal can and put pistol and rifle ammo, a cleaning kit, batteries for the optics, etc.  I finally decided not to because I used soft sided bags for stay in the fight gear and figured I could use ammo cans for single caliber.

The only other thing I would say, is that maybe you dont need a full .50 cal can if space is at a premium, maybe .30 cal cans would be enough.
Title: Re: Cross-Loading your Ammo cans?
Post by: Greekman on March 22, 2020, 02:13:36 AM
well, i doubt that when force to bugout one could haul all his ammo.

So I would make a 50can can full of some ammo for every caliber/gun I would own. With at least one full magazine for each.

Then 30cal cans for each gun platform in stripper clips where applicable. Plus at least one full magazine. Call this "the zombie apocalypse ammo resupply can"

For the rest, i would not go to the ammo can extreme, unless there is a flood danger. Even if I did opt to store in cans i would not spoil the original carton packaging.
(and to be truthful, despite some locals wanting to feel like Skroutz swimming their hand in loose ammo in their range bag, I much prefer dropping 5 at the time from the box)
Title: Re: Cross-Loading your Ammo cans?
Post by: DDJ on March 23, 2020, 11:17:47 AM

I store all of my ammo in metal cans (although there is concern of fire causing explosions that is for another thread).  I have gone and painted my cans a different color by caliber.  You open my ammo locker and see a sea of color.  I did pack one can with Bugout /quick grab ammo that is multi Caliber.  I went with 1 50cal can and only loaded it with what I would call my first line defense choices.  Shotgun, carbine, and carry guns.  I have a few calabers that I might go to in a home defense situation or even a light EDC (specifically 45 and 380) but since my primary are 9mm that is what is in the box. I  That box is the only one that is stripped.  The other cans in my "pantry" in addition to being color coded are numbered for priority.  That way if we are going to be able to bug out by car we know what to load first.

Ammo gets heavy fast.  5 boxes of 9mm and 100 Shotgun rounds with 100 Carbine rounds would be a load to carry.  I am actually thinking that I should look for a more distributable system so one person would not be burdened with the can.  That would also reduce the chances of loss or separation at a critical time.  You may want to rethink the number of types and carry locations if you are a team larger than one.

This reminds me I need to paint some cans and even come up with some new colors once the weather breaks.  If the weather breaks and I can get out to buy paint.