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Great post!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 
Per review and approval, I'd like to share a spreadsheet I put together with the info gleaned from this post.  I appreciate the PDF format, but I wanted a more concise list of meds, uses, doses, etc. to work from, so I put it in a spreadsheet.
If this has already been done and posted somewhere, wonderful!  If nothing else, I've put it in a format I find more useful.


Thanks To SnakeLips, we now have an Excel document of Doc K's great list. You can get it at:

The PDF is at:

The PDF is awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for the info.  I do want to reinforce what DOC says about the overuse of antibiotics.  I can tell you that when someone or something is sick, it is VERY tempting to prescribe antibiotics "just in case".   A few things that I try to remember to keep myself from doing this:

Almost every documented case of MRSA in pets is from a pet owned by a healthcare professional.  That should tell you what happens when antibiotics are used often.
One of my most-remembered lines from vet school is "the time you have the most severe reactions to a medication will often be the time you really didn't need to use it."
Third:  Levaquin particularly concerns me.  There is evidence the side effects are under-reported.  Every single person I know who has taken it has had long-term or life-threatening side effects.  I wouldn't personally use that antibiotic unless I felt it was likely my friend or patient would die otherwise.    (It is of course possible that I have a bias from a coincidental mix of anecdoctal information and perhaps I in turn sought out the research that reaffirmed my concerns, so don't quote me as a reliable source that no one should ever take it, but rather that I feel very uncomfortable with a person using it without having some evidence it is needed in a particular case.)

If you want to keep them around, just don't be in a hurry to use them.  Yes, antibiotics are life-saving sometimes but if the need isn't obvious keep them in the bottle until you can get a diagnosis. 

an excellent list indeed.   there needs to be more focus in this area of prepping for most people.   


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