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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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--- Quote from: David in MN on August 22, 2020, 01:31:34 PM ---Stay safe. The whole vibe of poor warnings and lack of government services makes me think that other vital services (like medical help) might not be easy access either.

And while I'm happy to hear you are in relatively good shape I feel for your neighbors. Given the strange demands and poor stock supply during COVID it's not unusual to see a hardware store here run out of plywood.

Sounds like a real mess. I wish you and yours all the  best.

--- End quote ---

not to derail too much, but you are correct, this is another example of our overly expensive and complex systems that are not serving us ! Broken social contracts and all, like letting Minn.  by you go to hell and no protection for people or businesses

We will more and more as time goes on need to rely more on ourselves and less on "them" to take care of us

for sure water tank is melted, well pump house burned to the ground, pressure pump house burned to the ground.  Every bit if fencing, but I am a lucky one.

2 priorities once the fire is controlled, place goats with someone else.  Work on water system, order 2 cords of firewood even if its trucked in from central valley. 

Once the place has water it is a resource for thecommunity who has nothing to at least be able to get a break here when they are up on their properties tryng to rebuild

the CZU fire in my area is lessening somewhat, so that is good news.  I almost said they were beating it back but that would imply firefighting that has not happened.  There was not even a helicopter until yesterday, we should have been getting air drops a week ago and this would have been a non-starter.  Santa Cruz city Fire was going door to door telling people to sweep and rake up leaves yesterday, a job that could easily be done by volunteers or CERT, and there are people all over the county who would jump at the chance to help  like that. And that would leave them to go fight fires or protect structures in one of the various communities a few miles away at the fires edge.  I have heard that they are being roundly degraded by other local fire fighters, professional and the rouges as the wusses they are.  Or their bosses I guess realy.  So much for mutual aide. There are now as of this weekend help, some random teams from out of area ( Yeah Merced ! ) A rogue on teh mountain says what he has been fighting in lower Bonny Doon is not as hot as what he went and fought professionally in Napa a year or two ago. Not even closeNow, some initial spots where hot and fast, but since then realy not so bad, it is just that there was no one sent to fight it and no air support

Are you able to return home yet?

not even close.

I did by a travel trailer the other day, I am trying to learn how to use it, right now it is at the fairgrounds with other evacuees with livestock, I have full hookups but am only using electricity so far and the propane it came with, next I will figure out in and outgoing liquids

It is 21ft, about 15 years old.  It was being sold the day I needed it only a half hour away, so close enough that a volunteer drove there and back with me.  I handed over more cash than it would have cost last week, but that is ok.  It is one with a larger spereate shower, 3 way larger fridge, stove with oven, full sized bed large table no couch no counter space, decent sink for a trailer. No awaning is it rotted out -- I will need to caulk and replace a few roof vetn plastic covers before rains come

most of my immediate area is devastated, but the main problem is the fire is not out yet.  They are trying to starve out our rouges, not allowing retock runs over the evacuation line -- I sent someone up with my house key and if they find a certain person they can hand it over, with instructions that they are free to take any and all from my pantry if they can get there, but if they are caught driving from their house to mine, they will be sited or arrested.  That person has a pantry as I do, but others do not, and they need more gas to keep fighting the flare ups. 

I do not have an internet connection when at the fair grounds, when I am at this family members house twice a week at least, I will check internet. 


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