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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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Great news! So glad to hear it.

other people in other areas close by are exhausted and still fighting it -- Mostly abandoned by any professional fire fighting crews

They stay because experience has shown them that that is what, and only what saves their houses

( my water tank melted, must be a good alternative to those darn plastic tanks)


He is a great guy, this is not a fringe person, just trying to save his home, there are many more like this doing this in abandoned areas.

When your news tells you they aboned this area due to terrain, this guy and that area is not bad terrain at all.   Perfectly great access.  They just did not bother to send help.

Today, some other areas are getting a little help, often litterally begging for it Residents are saving homes the professionals think are not savable

from a local locked facebook post, 14 minutes ago

--- Quote ---Even though I can't be on the mountain I'm getting live updates from on site fire personnel. I can only share intel now. Two trucks and a pumper on ----- making a stand. Locals are downing trees while cal fire is holding back fires with water. ;;;;;; is looking promising coming from people currently on ;;;;;;. Thank you Verizon for one of the few spots to get cell service. It makes operations so much easier.  1 house at end of  ===== has been lost. Firefighters have saved another
--- End quote ---

David in MN:
Stay safe. The whole vibe of poor warnings and lack of government services makes me think that other vital services (like medical help) might not be easy access either.

And while I'm happy to hear you are in relatively good shape I feel for your neighbors. Given the strange demands and poor stock supply during COVID it's not unusual to see a hardware store here run out of plywood.

Sounds like a real mess. I wish you and yours all the  best.

this is from someone in not too far from me yesterday, I hope today they are getting a little help

--- Quote ---We are heading up shortly.  A neighbor has been up all night defending 4 houses and desperately needs help.  It's still spot fires in the area we live.   He says there is a smouldering stump near our house that needs to be taken care of.  He can't do it all and there is no cal fire support.   You;d go too I bet!   We don't believe we are risking our lives and do believe homes are worth saving. 
We have no electricity, water, wifi, cell coverage or propane.   I don't expect that we will be able to update until we are back in town.   Please keep us in your prayers.
--- End quote ---

she says this as in the news they are putting down the people saving the houses and say they shouldnt

Now, my area, the regular people could not and should not, these people now mostly have lower, cooler fire and hot spots that they can fight.  By my house it was hard, fast, hot, often in the crowns and hit after midnight and totally without warning, so the losses in my area are extremely high.  I left.  and should have.  The fire stopped, there is a line from that first night of the edge of that first hard fast hit from that direction, and that line as providence would have it, runs down the middle of my street .


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