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The owner is Marc Gravert.  He is an organic farmer and hopes a like minded person will be purchasing this property.  He is having health problems and is forced to sell some of his precious farm off. 

His note:  We are selling off 70 acres to downsize some, my ole body isn't getting younger. If interested contact me, NOT the realtor. His contract is up next Saturday and it will not be renewed. Just give me a holler if ya have questions.

I suggest reaching Marc via Facebook messaging. 

Sorry.  The link was removed and I don't know how to delete the post.  Anyone interested can contact Marc K. Gravert on Facebook in regard to this piece of property.

I am looking for a house, outbuildings and a few acres in Western North Carolina. I currently live out in Washington state. I need to find a good real estate agent in the Blue Ridge foothills area. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Try them.

I really like the map search feature on  :)


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