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Anybody played with building/buying a 'personal drone'?

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Joseph Seal:
A friend of mine has one and there are pretty sweet he has a camera that can transmit video as well. Check out there are a ton of automations you can do such as have it patrol a specified area. They are coming down a lot in price, I would give it another year though as they will continue to get better and cost less. As far as your mailbox there are a ton of things you can do to notify you of the box opening just google arduino mail box notifier

--- Quote from: ID_Joker on January 22, 2014, 06:02:30 PM ---I keep toying with the idea of an RC aircraft (likely helicopter or quadcopter) equipped with a camera as an addition to the homestead security plan.  Could potentially allow investigation/patrol of the perimeter of a large property without exposing yourself.  Plus, since it would invariable be electric, it would be rather quiet and unobtrusive.

I can also think of lots of everyday practical uses.
-- Need to do a perimeter fence check?
-- Want to see if there is anything in the mailbox before walking all the way down there?
-- Need to take an snapshot of your garden so you can plan changes for next year?
-- Gotta see what tripped the MURS sensor on the driveway?
-- ....And it would be a hoot!

Has anybody done much/any investigation of this idea?  I know you can get little copters pretty cheap or they can cost a crazy amount of money.  Seems to me the key criteria for making it useful would be (1) adequate range and (2) real-time data transmission back to the user (both for purposes of flying the machine as well as the mission-specific data.)  Another limiting factor would be what weather it could/couldn't fly in.


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