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Anybody played with building/buying a 'personal drone'?

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I keep toying with the idea of an RC aircraft (likely helicopter or quadcopter) equipped with a camera as an addition to the homestead security plan.  Could potentially allow investigation/patrol of the perimeter of a large property without exposing yourself.  Plus, since it would invariable be electric, it would be rather quiet and unobtrusive.

I can also think of lots of everyday practical uses.
-- Need to do a perimeter fence check?
-- Want to see if there is anything in the mailbox before walking all the way down there?
-- Need to take an snapshot of your garden so you can plan changes for next year?
-- Gotta see what tripped the MURS sensor on the driveway?
-- ....And it would be a hoot!

Has anybody done much/any investigation of this idea?  I know you can get little copters pretty cheap or they can cost a crazy amount of money.  Seems to me the key criteria for making it useful would be (1) adequate range and (2) real-time data transmission back to the user (both for purposes of flying the machine as well as the mission-specific data.)  Another limiting factor would be what weather it could/couldn't fly in.


The Wilderness:
Here is a good thread on the subject





--- Quote from: The Wilderness on January 22, 2014, 06:11:07 PM ---Here is a good thread on the subject


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Thanks!  Not sure why that one didn't come up in my search.  What an awesome thread!

Some quad rotors can be equipped with GPS and programmed to fly waypoints while taking photos or video. Having it done this way eliminates the range issues with radio.
I have a quad rotor drone that you fly with a smart phone over wifi. It has very limited range due to the wifi link between the phone and the drone. If I get a wifi router with a battery pack an antenna I can push out a lot farther. It does 720p video and stills and can fly for about 9 minutes.


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