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Moving. Chance to lower our societal footprint?

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--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on December 06, 2013, 08:42:31 AM ---OP: do not be complacent about the ability of retailers to send catalogues to your new address even when you have not told them you are moving.....

--- End quote ---

LOL.. no doubt! We never ordered ANYTHING from these catalogs (most we have not heard of) before.. but when you buy a house, the info from Escrow or something must get sold or something... as we got about 50 catalogs in the rural mailbox and "Welcome to your new home" coupons and such. It was RIDICULOUS how many trees they had cut down to fill our mailbox, even with 35% post consumer recycled paper..  :o

The DMV also sells your info to marketers when you get your new drivers license.

Also opt out of the online WHITE PAGES and stuff. Google stalk yourself for about 4-6 months. Look for the REALLY FINE  print when you find your name and opt out. I finally got that whittled down to old info from 15+ years ago and 2 wrong addresses.. WOO HOO!


How To Be Invisible has to be the definitive guide to accomplish what you're talking about.  Lots of good advice in there on how to do it, but Mr. Luna acknowledges that it is getting harder and harder.  The bottom line is that varying levels of anonymity can be achieved, depending on how much money and effort you are willing to put into it.

One of the big things you can do is buy the land through a trust, as far as casual footprint.  Google and .gov can still find you, but it will shield your name from lots of marketing BS.  No one can find your name through the courthouse searches (or online tax databases).  Doesn't help with the DMV selling the license database, though...


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