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Portable wireless DVR/cameras


I've just started looking into putting in a security camera system and I'm trying to find out what's available and what others have used.

I have some 3 main requirements other than just a home security system.

It needs to be stand alone.  I don't want to get the cameras, transmitters and receivers but have to hook it to a computer to actually record.

I need it to be wireless.  This is kind of a no brainer.  Running a bunch of wires and punching holes isn't my cup of tea.  I know I'll be limited on distance, but if I can get 100' I'm good.

It needs to be portable.  I want to be able to use this when I'm home, but also when we go camping.  I intend to install several of the wireless cameras around the home, but also around the camper to ensure campsite security.

A nice to have is those tiny cameras.  They are much easier to hide and when I install onto the camper, it would be much cleaner to have a small hole instead of a security camera hanging off the wall.

I came across this system, Porta-DVR and Wireless Cam Kit but I haven't located any sort of reviews.  I also can't seem to find much in the way of competing products. Of course it's out of stock.

Anyone have any input to this?

don't have any recommendations that fit your needs. But would like to see the recommendations of others as I am looking for future improvements.

I installed my own, but have cords. Wasn't too bad. I would also suggest adding night vision or IR to the requirements. We caught kids breaking into my wife's car this way. 8 all weather cameras, cords, DVR, and I can connect to the internet and get smartphone notification when motion is triggered. Didn't have a monitor though, I used a spare computer monitor I had. $280

Yes, night vision is a good thing.  The reason that it's not on my mandatory requirements is that we have multiple motion activated security lights in the crucial areas.


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