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Am I being stupid? Perimeter security at Homestead

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Hey Folks,

We recently moved to our new homestead in Northeast Georgia.  Things have been going well, but I've been thinking more and more about perimeter security of the property (or lack there of).  We live on 5 acre rectangular lot along a river, the other three sides of the property face 1. Main county road (entrance to property) 2. Fairly steep ridge line with a seasonal creek that seperates my property from neighbor 3. A vacant parcel that can also be accessed by the main county road.  Right now there is an old cattle fence that can be pulled across the driveway, but I'm pretty sure someone in a Toyata Yaris could knock it down (its attached to VERY old 4" round posts) and we haven't made a habit of shutting it at night...THe house is a good 100yrds off the main county road on the back third of the property.
 Around 9pm last night someone comes cruising down my drive...Once they saw the house lit up and me standing in the window they immediately turned around..My drive is pretty inconspicuous to begin with and we are a good bit out of town, I'm guessing they were not lost.
So just trying to figure out whats practical and sensical from perimeter security-none of my neighbors have gates or fences in front of their property, but I learned long ago the conventional wisdom is usually wrong.  I'm thinking of adding field fencing to the side of the property  that borders the vacant parcel and four board pasture fence to the front of the property with a proper gate (maybe with sometype of solar gate opener?) 
At the same time, the money I spend doing this could be spent on a lot of other projects to develop resiliency  and the budget is tight with two young kids to care for as well.  In the long term, I would of course like to put in a Hedge of black locust or do a Sepp Holzer style, massive hugel beds, but these things take years.  Not sure I have that time when it comes to security...
Just curious as to what other folks are doing in regards to perimeter security or any advice they would give me. 

Thanks, Dittyfish

Perimeter security is a tricky subject, as I learned rapidly in the military.  I'd recommend concentraiting the bulk of your efforts on the "resource," I.e. your house.

That said, field fence, or even 4-5 strand barbed wire and a good gate will be very important.  Not necessarily as a preventive barrier, but as a clear demarcation line.  This is the first (not the only) thing I'm looking for in a use of force event.  Did the landowner make it clear the intruder was not authorized to be on the property.  Fencing may or may not be a deterrent, but it clarifies how welcome strangers are to enter your property unannounced, and uninvited.

Just babbling here… how about just inside your driveway:

Battery motion sensor activated red light, on a Private Property – Do Not Trespass sign.

A visible barrier, no matter how flimsy, even a bright colored rope / chain across the driveway from a post on each side.

Murs has a good system and the MSB gets a discount. Also look for some good thorny bushes to put around the perimeter. Examples of thorny shrubs include Barberry, Hawthorn, Holly, Fire Thorn, Bramble, Currant, Locust and Rose shrubs. Pick one that is right for the landscaping of the property as well as the security of the home.

I may be reading it incorrectly, but to me it sounded like the person opened the gate that you closed that night to come up your driveway. 

If that's the case, then I think you are completely right to be concerned.  To me it sounds like they could have been checking the house to see if they could steal, destroy, etc.

I'd start out by improving that fence near the driveway and the gate.  I'd also get in the habit of closing it all the time.  I feel that it gets the local criminals guessing about if you are there or not.  Maybe lock it regularly as well. And post it no trespassing.

I also agree that putting some sort of proximity sensor system just inside the driveway would be a good thing.


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