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Advice for securing doors and windows.

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Gulo gulo:
Pretty soon we're found to upgrade the exterior doors of our house. I'm  looking for recommended products. We got smart key kwickset deadbolts already, are these good or is there a better brand I should take a look at? I'm also looking at getting the Armor Concepts EZ armor off of Amazon for reenforcement, any opinion on them? Also, what type of screws are best for installing all this?

The front door also has two huge picture windows on either side of it, this will all be futile if all it takes to gain entry is to break one of em and step in. What film products should I take a look at? One of the windows lets in considerable amounts of sun, so uv blocking would be a plus.

Gulo gulo:
And where can I find these security hinges I keep hearing about?

3m makes a film that you can put on windows:

Gulo gulo:
Ah, good! Even found a dealer. Great stuff!

yeah, i need to get some of that. we have a small window by our front door and all it would take is a rock and someone is in the house. i have an additional lock on the door up near the top, but that's more to keep my kids in than a burglar out.


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