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Need ideas on homestead security

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Wife and I made an offer on an old homestead of several acres that backs up to a creek. Great views that look down to the creek along 400 feet of frontage. There is wire fencing on three sides of the property but not the creek side. On one side of the property is a heavily wooded property (600 feet) and across the creek is a heavily wooded property. A highway is within two miles of where the creek runs, and is within 30 minutes of a major city.
If we can jump all the other hurdles with buying the place, one concern I have is with security. Someone could walk along the creek from the highway or somewhere else and see our back yard, the back of the house. Planning to put up an electric fence along the back to keep deer from coming up and grazing, or at least around the garden areas. No trespassing signs. Will put up a fence along the back of the house to keep dog in. Plan to build up a stone wall where partial one is now and grow some perennials there. Planning to get security cameras, ones that have some night vision capability, with motion sensing, as well as getting some high powered binoculars (know ones with night vision are $$). I expect there to be a good amount of wildlife activity (deer, coyotes, racoons, etc.). What I want to keep out are the two legged kind. I don't have a Cadillac budget, but anyone have thoughts on types of security cameras or other ideas from a security standpoint?         

Might try adding some additional plantings into the woods.  Even tall shrubs could block the view of your house.  Thorns may keep them waking right on by.

On our place black berry brambles are our best line of security.  Keeps people and wildlife out.  Keeps our critters in.  Gives wild rabbit habitat.  That gives us meat and berries to eat.  They grow fast here and are free.  I know they wont work for most people but I sure love them.  So do the turkeys, chickens,  pigs and alpacas another plus food for our animals.   

How about MURS radios?  Jack talked about using them for security multiple times.  I've never used them, but they seem like a good use for them.

Good tips. Will look into MURS.
I plan to plant perennials plants all around the property that will benefit me with food, etc.
As for the along the shore, cattails, maybe arrowhead, willow, but not too much for it to provide hiding areas for a person or become a haven for snakes. Need to look at other options as well, as I've never had a wet area to plan for. Wanting to focus on beneficial perennials. 
Have been watching videos by the Argentina guy on security. He provides some good general tips on bolstering home security. Besides having exterior doors and door frames bolstered (steel), grade 1 locks, alarms, thorny bushes around windows, security signs, motion activated lights, video cameras, burglar bars, he notes having gravel walkways near the house so that your dog can hear if someone is afoot.   


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