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Wiring Emergency lights the Security way

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hi all! I was wondering if a setup like the following is feasible (and sensible).

It starts with the idea of an emergency (panic) switch that would activate a number of lights for security reasons (i.e. a house break-in). One over each entrance, hallway and staircase.
The security aspect is that you rob the stealth of darkness from an intruder and announce the posibillity of further action without being close to him.
Obviously we are talking of a dedicated circuit pre-installed in one's home.

I also know that there is a wiring sceme that let's 2 switches control the same light. So in theory one could have a panic switch in the master bedroom and one in the living room or kitchen.

But how about combining such a system with household emergency lights (the battery backup ones).
In this case the switches will power off the electrical circuit that will be feeding them/charging their batteries.
Lights will automatically turn on (and they will turn on when power is out too) and an added bonus is that this security lighting is independent for a while of the power supply.

And it as a security system a burglar would never think of existing/bypassing.

So, how about it?

Great idea Greekman.  You can also add in a remote wireless (key fob) switch that can turn them on wherever in the home you happen to be.  It's also possible to wire in IR sensors to activate the circuit when tripped.

indeed, techincally anything is possible. though the IR sensor must hav a very specifc area of coverage else the lights will go on often.
but how good is it from a self-defence/tactical standpoint?

It could be a very nice setup.  If you were to wire it to a light switch or other "master arming" switch/button, it could be something you set before going to sleep or leaving the house.  With the addition of sirens and strobe lights (or anything else you decide) it has the potential of being quite a tremendous advantage.  It's a system that's as customizable and scalable as you want it to be.  I wish you the best with designing your system!

I won't be applying. It is a working assumption. I would be pleased if soemone in this forum foudn it of use though!


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