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It's Terrifying and Sickening that Microsoft Can Now Listen In on All Skype Call



There was a wildly terrifying story published late Friday on Slate that didn’t get much attention because of the time of the week it was released.

In it, the author – Ryan Gallagher – lays out how Microsoft (MSFT) seems to have made some subtle and (to most) imperceptible changes to the popular Skype calling service that allows it to eavesdrop on all of your calls going forward.  (Forbes contributor Anthony Wing Kosner flagged the service changes in an earlier  post published July 18.)

Although it’s not completely clear, some seem to think that Microsoft may have made the changes either from or in anticipation of pressure from various government entities.

Thox Spuddy:
From walking down the street, driving a car, going on the internet, turning on the TV, it's a new world, a new age. Get used to it. We are being watched, will be watched in every aspect of our life. A profile of our life is being constructed on real-time data that we generate by our activity, our existence.

No changes were needed, msft and .gov and others already have things in place...not to mention other groups who don't exist yet for GP

I also wonder if this was a 'change.' For instance, since the days of Mr. A.G. Bell, all phone calls have had the possibility of being listened to by an unknown third party, regardless of the technology being used.


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