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How to Setup Emergency Communications with Neighbors


Black November:
I found a way to increase safety and security in my neighborhood. I call it adding Safety N.E.T.S (Neighborhood Emergency Texting Service). It’s free, and easy to setup using N.E.T.S can be a Neighborhood Watch force multiplier. Here's how:

In addition to calling 911, our neighborhood setup an emergency phone number using If any residents see suspicious activity, or need help, they can send a text message to our neighborhood number and the message is broadcasted to all the other residents.

If someone falls and can't get up, an nearby neighbor can be there is seconds.

With N.E.T.S, neighbors can help each other immediately, instead of having to waiting for Police, Fire, EMS to respond.

N.E.T.S can also be used for less severe situations like helping to identifying vandalizm, weather alerts, or finding lost pets. 

below is an example flyer: [Actual Name & Number has been changed]

This service is not a substitute for Police, Fire, and EMS; but may come in handy when seconds count.

Actual message that went out last week:
There is a suspicious guy with a green backpack lurking around. Looks like he could be casing the area. He’s heading towards the front.

Black November
HOA Treasurer
(Not all of us are bad )

Interesting service.


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