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Antique Hanging Door Bell/ Chimes?

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 You're welcome. I remember seeing them in Lehmans' store, so I knew exactly what they were.

Bob Spelled Backwards:
Funny you mentioned bells, I just recently saw these at Dick's Sporting Goods   
and I almost picked some up. 

The plan was to put some on the doors, windows, and have some for trip-wire alarms if need be.  I personally like the silencing feature with the magnet.

My grandpa always had sleigh bells tacked to his door.  As a kid I thought grandpa was being lazy and not taking them down after christmas.  When I was older I understood their purpose.  My wife and I use small cowbells we picked up at a local sporting event.  These are tied to the door handle.  They work well.

We used windchimes



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