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Antique Hanging Door Bell/ Chimes?

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Black November:
I would like to get some old fashion bells to hang or bolt onto the doors in my house to alert me when someone enters or exits.

It seems like every antique shop, gas station, and convenience store have one, but I can seem to find one to buy anywhere. Most places online seems to only carry electric chimes. I would like something the is not dependent on electricity, but still fairly loud. I realize that wind chime would also work, but I prefer a bell. Someone must still make these things. 

Does anyone know where I could find some antique bells to put on my door?

look for a shopkeeper's doorbell on ebay or maybe a local locksmith shop

I have seen them on ebay though, quite a few there

search shopkeeper's doorbell

and hanging doorbell

What I use are some simple "jingle bells" from Christmas season drapped over the door knob so it does rattle a bit when the door is open.

Are you looking for shopkeeper bells? Lehmans carries them.

Black November:

--- Quote from: Dawgus on August 06, 2012, 06:19:23 PM ---Are you looking for shopkeeper bells? Lehmans carries them.

--- End quote ---
Thank you. These are exactly what I was looking for. The keyword I was missing was "shopkeeper".


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