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Small dog recommendations for home security/alarm

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  Ok we're moving into a home in a few weeks. Along with the other slew of things that are necessities for my little tribe my wife and I are considering getting a dog for the kids to be able to play with AND as an addition for home security.
  What we're thinking is a small breed for the following reasons, we're already a family of 5, a smaller dog will have less of a footprint versus a lab (my fav dog), cost for food etc, and we're just not ready for a bigger dog right now, bigger meaning lab or retriever size.
  So can anyone recommend a good small breed around the size of a beagle? We have a good yard for the dog to run, play, potty etc. I plan on training the dog so it'll be well behaved (we're going to have a new born in the house in a few months), has to be a good tempered family dog, we have a 6 & 4 year old so they will definitely be all over the dog, lol. But I trust y'all more then doing a search on the web. And I'm sure many of y'all have great knowledge of dogs. I'm not looking for a dog that will take down a person or scare the crap out of someone, I want a dog that will yes put itself in front of a bad guy/other dog and my kids and wife, but will sense a potential intruder walking around the house and wake us up and bark so I can get my gun, or alert my wife and kids of potential danger.
  I hope that I'm not expecting too much. I DEFINITELY don't want a lapdog or a Chihuahua, lol. But I'm sure there's some type of great beagle or terrier type that's a great family dog but not a scaredy cat. Any good recommendations? Thanks for your help.

Morning Sunshine:
have you seen the thread about the best dog for SHTF?  i mean that is the main topic but there is great discussion there about breeds and why and wherefores.  It is 6 pages, but it is worth the read.  you might get some ideas there, or at least a starting point.

I'm not a fan of small dogs, but a friend of mine has two labs and a Jack Russel Terrier and of the three, his Jack is the best.  Great little dogs, but you have to keep them active.  They need a job or they get a little crazy/neurotic.  Very intelligent pups that can be trained to do damn near anything.

@Morning Sunshine, that's for sharing the forum link. I've only just scanned through it but you're right there's a lot of great info.

@endurance, from the forum link a lot of people have Jack Russels. They seems to be a great breed to have for a lot of reasons.

Have any of y'all had experiences with a Scotch Collie? I came across it on the internet that seems like a great medium size breed family multi-use dog to have.

I HATE little dogs. The bigger the better for me.

If you are looking for security go for a pit bull. Don't be swayed by the bulls*** in the media. A properly trained pit (like any dog) is as safe as can be. I have one and she is the sweetest dog I've ever known, but people tend to give her a wide berth when they see her. Plus, they are an in between sized dog, not small and yappy, not too big and oafy :)

And I also own a white German shepherd.


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