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Been a member for almost a year I assume.  Posted a couple times, but an avid reader.  I am wanting to get some feedback.  I have a property that is 100x125 with a 2 story house.  The yard itself is fenced by a 6’ B&B fence from corner to corner of the house. Leaving the front open.  My issue is security and also awareness.  My wife is home for the summer and recovering from a medical condition.  Since we spend 90% of our time upstairs, I am trying to find a way for her to monitor who is coming and going.  We have a WIFI system at our house and an alarm system for the home, that is monitored.  I suspect that she is going to be home about 3-4 months, recovering.  She can move around, but if we just have someone at the front door during the day time, it is hard for her to get to the bottom of the stairs and then climb back up.  So with all this in mind, I am thinking of something to say…HEY someone is coming, which she can direct herself to a monitor of some sort to see who is approaching the house.  Having a camera at or near the front door, will allow her to determine if she needs to come downstairs.  We have a lot of people coming door to door lately.  From jehovah witnesses or someone selling something.

The questions that I ask are not necessary for you to answer in response to on the forum but for you to consider when evaluating your security needs.  This response may be late for your needs but here it goes anyway.

What type of relationship do you have with your immediate neighbors?  Are they aware of your security concerns?  Do you have phone numbers of neighbors?  Should someone show up at your door and your wife does not want to answer she could call a neighbor and they could come over or be an extra set of eyes.

Depending on your financial situation there are a number of real good security products. 
1)   Is your yard free of obstructions that would allow for someone to conceal themselves from view either from the street or the 2nd story of your house?  (Are your hedges and trees trimmed and maintained?)
2)   A driveway alarm could alert your wife if someone had broken the beam at the end of the driveway.
3)   A camera with intercom could be installed at the front door.
4)   CCTV or IP camera system can be installed or a DIY project depending on your skill level.
5)   Have you taken steps to harden your entry doors and first floor windows?
6)   Do you have personal defense products and are you and your wife capable and prepared mentally and physically to use them.  Hand Gun, Shot Gun, Pepper Spray, Taser, Baton Knife.

I can provide you with specific product recommendations if needed.  Feel free to PM me.

Bard American Redoubt:
I like using the MERS radio to monitor the yard.  I have not done this yet, but I think it is a something to look into.  I also have a friend who installed a simple system of motion detectors in his front and back yard.  They turn on the outside light(s) when there is motion, but they also turn on a lamp downstairs and upstairs when there is any movement in front and back.  He uses it in "normal" times just to light his way into his house.  It also has the use of waking you up if someone moves around in the front of your home.  He has cameras on motion on the same system.  Wireless IP cameras are cheap. 

With this two things happen.  One, the potential bad guy knows he is being spotted, light is a great way to get make two legged roaches run away (for now), second it alerts you that someone is moving around your home.

The last thing I would add to what the guy listed above is dog, dog, dog.  They have been used by men since the dawn of time because they are a force multiplier.  A decent size dog will make many "bad people" deselect you as a potential victim. 

I am looking a French Mastiffs as the dogs for my retreat property.  However the (now) 60 pound mutt my wife brought home is actually pretty good at barking up a storm when someone who is not suppose to be there.  Now the potential bad guy knows the following:

1.  He has been spotted coming on to your house (camera with light).
2.  He knows if you are home you are aware of him.
3.  He knows you have a dog.

If a bad guy keeps coming he is very dangerous.

Remember home invasion is one of the most horrific crimes, but it is also one of the least common.  Much more likely that something outside of your house get stolen.  Check out my blog and podcast episode 4 I think where I go over what happen when someone tried to steal my truck.  It was a situation, but less than what I expected. 

Alex Bard of the American Redoubt


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