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Thankful for good neighbors

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Usually our neighborhood is very safe, but this past month all kinds of things end up disappearing.  My girls left a bike next to the house which vanished one night, although we'd repeatedly told her to make sure it was hung up in the garage after use.  A few nights ago, one of our neighbors caught a guy trying to go over his fence, carrying a very heavy car jack.  He confronted the guy, threatened to shoot him if if every sees him on his property again, called 911.  (He was cameras and motion detectors set up around his yard).  The guy dropped the jack, jumped the fence and ran.

Yesterday, my husband, the guy who caught the guy, and another neighbor had a talk about what is going on, share notes.  All 3 own firearms, and discussion came to what to do if you catch a thief in your backyard.  Top of their wish list was to shoot the guy, but that does bring complications, esp. when the thief isn't threatening you or your family.   Better may be to see if the thief would freeze and hold for the police.  (small town and often short wait).

Turns out it was my husband's 2 ton jack, which he kept in the back of his pickup, which he didn't know was missing.  Even the officer couldn't believe the dude was trying to take off with something that heavy.  I turned in the police report today.  The officer asked if we wanted to press charges for burglary of vehicle,  yes! He just smiled and thanked me.  Seems the guy lead them on a 4 hour chase that night, but when they found him, they couldn't arrest as no charges had been filed and no jack in his possession.  He'd dropped the stolen property.   Now he has something to work with.   

We'd also had issues with a couple of guys coming into the neighborhood wanting to borrow a phone to make a call, borrow a gas can, ask for a ride, borrow a chain saw (heck no!).  Now I don't mind helping a neighbor out, but I don't know these guys.  Police said to call every time they stop by. 

While writing this, one of the guys stopped by, the one the police asked that I look out for and does he have a specific tatoo, yep it is him. Since I'm such a good neighbor he has a special deal.  A petsmart $50 card for half price.  No thanks.  He left and I called the police.  They are looking for him now.  A drug addict looking for his next fix. 

Somehow, I don't really feel that safe here anymore.  And as I told my husband increasing our security here is now top priority.

We have security cameras around our house for just that reason.

Also try not to leave tempting targets for these thieving scum.

Very frightening, there's nothing worse than a once safe neighborhood going down the tubes. I hope everything works out for you.

Also, and I don't know if I should actually say this, but my former neighbor who was a cop said you can't just shoot the guy BUT if you fire a "warning shot" first and he doesn't stop, THEN you can shot. Of coarse I live in CA, so you may wanna check your local laws in regards to shooting an intruder.

I had an odd one the other day. We have very little crime in this little town here and even the cops say there is no problem walking at night here and why they moved their families to this little town.

I opened the door. I should not have and I felt that 6th sense slightly telling me not to, but I could not hear them and I did have an equalizer within reach. Two well dressed men in suits and ties knocked on my door. It is due to them being well dressed I opened the door. They asked me if I knew anyone who spoke Spanish. I actually though they were salesmen or religious solicitors so they caught me off guard as they are Hispanic and one spoke only Spanish I think, the other spoke Spanish as well as English. They had no car, they were walking. Needing paint and multiple cases of canning jars on my front porch with a bag of potting soil, the house needing painting, the lawn not mowed my house looks a bit 'white trashy' at the moment compared to my neighbors, so I am not sure why they stopped here. It was just odd.

They rattled me enough that I forgot I had Hispanic neighbors down the road a bit who are quite nice and someone of their family is always home. I told them I only knew where Russian and French speaking people were, so they thanked me and walked off up the road. I do feel bad I was not able to help them, but it was an odd situation and question.

Even though we do not have a problem in this town, I don't invite trouble. All kid toys are kept in the backyard, there is no outward sign that I have kids unless you look through the window from the front porch. I have a 130 pound dog. I have a 7 ft tall solid fence all round my property and my gates are "locked" from the inside with pins. I don't have 'high class' landscaping.

I keep my doors locked at all times. Windows are only open on the top floor (which actually helps cooling as well in the summer).

My neighbors are pretty cool neighbors to have too. I am pretty sure they are not preppers, but 7 out of my 10 close neighbors are cops or firemen  :D So if I have a serious issue, there is likely to be someone close at hand in a pinch.


Fences make good neighbors and our town has been much like yours Cedar. 

We had a tree knock down our back fence, (chain link) and my husband is in the process of replacing it with a taller wood privacy fence.  And they've been coming into the neighborhood through my backyard.  "Friends" of the lady who lives behind us.  The guy that came by today tells me he lives there.  Lady behind says he does not and she is tired of her stuff disappearing. 

Talked to the lady next door, to make sure she can identify the guy if he stops over there and so we call all call the police if he shows up again.  She also volunteered her husband to help get that fence finished.  We thought of several things we could do to help catch the guy, but it'd put us at risk.  Such as next time he wants a ride, go inside to find keys (and call police) have the police meet us there or drive him to the police station.  Could work, but too much risk. 

I think to keep a neighborhood safe requires keeping an open eye and working together to keep things from going down the tubes.  Having several armed neighbors in a row keeping an eye out helps.  Issue is most everyone is gone during the day.  Seems safer at night.


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