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Dog Training?


I apologize if there's another thread on this topic...I searched and didn't find one.

I see a lot of people talking about the need for well-trained dogs, in regard to home & retreat security. Can anyone provide some insight into what the dogs should be trained to do (or not do)...the best way to perform the training...what breeds are recommended, etc?


My personal well trained dog is one who stays home, protects  livestock, runs off predators. Is people friendly, but has the instinct if something is off. I also tend to train my dogs for tracking humans.

As someone who trained SAR dogs for 15 years, worked with various other working dogs and trained normal house dogs over the years, is NO ONE SPECIFIC breed will be better than another breed. I find that a dog who will play fetch with a ball is your best dog. It has that play drive. One who looks at the ball and says "Fetch it yourself bozo", is not high in my esteem as a working partner.

WHAT is it that you want the dog to do? Best dog is an alarm dog, "Master, there is someone on the property, bark, bark, bark". But not a dog who barks non-stop all the day long. Do you WANT a protection dog? One who will go and bite and hold someone on command? Do you want a dog to help haul in wood and haul feed in deep snow and can pull a wagon or sled? One which will help herd in livestock? One who will watch the kids?

I have seen two Chihuahua's tree a black bear. I have seen a standard poodle be a darn good scent dog for SAR. My Belgian Tervurian herded sheep, ducks and kids instinctively on her spare time from being an outfielder for softball and from Search and Rescue as a scent dog.

You can train your dog yourself, but the TWO MOST IMPORTANT things in training a dog is #1. Fairness and #2. Consistency.


We have large dogs. Unlike ceder Im not too worried about them being people friendly as long as they are family friendly.
We raised German Shepherds and Weimers when I was a kid , We still have shepherds. for the farm I prefer 4 to 5 dogs.
ours know the property lines and stay home They will chase to the line and stop at the fence . thats where they were taught to stop.
all our current dogs are litter mates . The momma dog was trained to protect our daughters , she in turn taught her pups that protecting the girls was priority 1, priority 2 was guarding the property.
start by teaching the basics  come sit stay and so forth. Treat the dogs like family only nicer  ;), they are pack animals you and your family are the alphas a pack will naturally protect the pack and the packs territory.
    Ours proved their worth when out county had a rash of robberies and vandlism. at 3am one morning I heard two screams and reached the door in time to see a truck speeding out the drive with all five dogs trying to get in it, The theive had manged to move an air compressor about three ft before they were nailed. Since that night our dogs changed how they meet incoming cars  now you will see two dogs while the other three circle around behind you


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