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Does anyone have experience with any of the various DIY ballistic window films out there?

I'm considering buying a roll via Amazon and would install myself.
Does it work?
How difficult to install?


My wife and I bought it and bubbles a bit more than I would like but for most part looks okay. We got it from a security website but I am sure amazon has pretty good quality and if not it gets slammed in reviews.

The you tube videos are pretty cool of people trying to break the window

We have it and love it. Get the thickest you can afford.

It was definitely worth it to me to pay someone to install it. The two professionals that did ours finished our entire house in about the time it would have taken me to do two window. Also, ours is up with no bubbles, because these guys knew what they were doing.

If you do it yourself, I strongly recommend you have a helper. After watching the two guys do ours, I would say it takes a minimum of three hands.

The real purpose of security film is to keep the window pane in one piece when subject to blast overpressure or penetration. It is best installed with a catch bar behind the window. Without film, window glass tends to splinter into jagged shards which can do as much damage to someone in the room as the blast itself. With the film, the glass is blown in as a unit - still dangerous but nowhere near so as unprotected glass.

If I remember correctly, the standard test is the detonation of 50 kg of unconfined TNT at 100 m. To keep the window pane intact, at least a 10 mil film is required, and the film must be securely attached to the window frame.

Film does not make your windows bulletproof, nor does it prevent the window from breaking if hit by a rock or brick. What it will do is prevent glass splinters from veg-a-matic-ing anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the blast.

You might be better off by going through a local window contractor rather than buying something over the net. This may be much more expensive, but you can be sure of what you get. Some out there might try to pass off UV protective film as ballistic film: "let the buyer beware".


We're looking to do a large remodel job in the near future and found this:
In looking at their videos, it seems to be exactly what I'm after.  It won't stop bullets, but everything else seems to be stopped.
Good luck!


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