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Meeting someone from Craigslist

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I am not sure if this is the right place for this post, feel free to move it if needed.

What kind of precautions would you recommend to someone who wants to meet through an online site such as Craigslist?

  I'd suggest meeting somewhere public...McDonalds, store parking lot, etc. I've bought/received free stuff and went to people's houses, but I've never let someone come to my house. (other than one for a huge heavy fireplace face)
  Though I'm sure it's rare, I have heard of people going to meet someone for a CL deal and end up being robbed. (that happened near here with someone buying a laptop) Make sure someone knows exactly where you are going,and the exact time. If possible, take someone else with you.

I agree with Dawgus.  I typically meet at a local park and ride that almost always has several LEOs in the lot.  If you have any concern at all, take someone else with you.

Have one of your friends call you or you call them at a prearrainged "Exact" time  so they know you are alright.

I know it sounds corny but if you get a feeling don't accept a ride home or an offer to go to a more private place to chat. meet at a nice mall with plenty of people, bring your girlfriend along. atleats if things don't work out you can still kill some time shopping together

I actually met my wife through Craigslist and we first met at a Starbucks and then went to dinner next door. The next time we met at another public place and then we finally met up at her place for the 3rd date ;) But I will give you a warning though, we have had a good friend get murdered by someone through a meeting on Craigslist so it is both Bitter & Sweet for us... If you want to google her... her name is Katherine Olson...just be careful  ;)


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