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Jon George:
I wanted to see if anyone could give me some titles for a few books that might be able to help with military tactics. I want to know how to set up a perimeter and run a patrol.

the old tm army manules, sun zo, the art of war.
Army surplus look through the books real well before you buy.
Rogers rangers rules

FM 7 series (US ARMY INFANTRY HANDBOOK) is literally the bible by which the Army swears by.

There's a lot of other books out there on other issues, Boobytrap Manual, Mech Inf Tactics, etc. Also some on military thinking like Sun Tsu, but those are mistaken by many on thoughts for conventional war but it's actually asymmetric. Rangers Handbook is great because it covers a lot of the subjects that your trained on in RIP, including wilderness survival, knots, and land navigation.

Just do a search on Google and you can find a lot of these in PDF. Of you can go online and purchase the actual FM book through various sources (although they may be later versions and not current).

Try Sun Tzu the art of war free download below - in the right perspective it can be viewed on how to live life, etc - I have read a few different books - a few quite good describing how his words reflected  when the material was written. 

I did a quick google search with sun tzu art of war download and one of the first hits was

Brad - In Colorado

My memery is shot and i dont spell but, I am a fan of Sun Tzu the guy had balls.
Russians officers test on his book yearly , an he is the baises for the red book of china.
i think its writen befor the time of Crist.
 I have 2 coppys so i can find them when i want to.


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