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Document package complete before January 1... who's with me?

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So maybe I'm the only one who hasn't been good at doing this part of the prep.  I seriously doubt it. :)

My goal is to have a document package assembled prior to the new year.  This means physical copies, safely stored as well as digital copies stored as well.

I figured if we have a few people doing this at once, we'll get some ideas as to the how's and where's and also a group to keep us all on track to finish it by this goal.

What brought this on was my son.  He and his wife are college students living off campus.  There was a fire in their apartment building.  Fortunately he has renter's insurance.  We couldn't remember with whom!  Fortunately we don't deal with many and where able to track it down.  If you don't have renter's insurance... GET IT!  His is only about $90 a year.

Insurance policies - Home, Auto, Life (good time to look up all those pariferal life insurance policies given out by various organizations as part of their membership, AAA, NRA, work, spouses work, credit union)
Deed to the home
Title to car, boat, RV etc
Financial institutions - latest statement (?) or coded account numbers and contact info
Contacts - phone numbers (home work cell), physical addresses, email addresses

I'll probably go through the filing cabinet and see what else may be of use.  I plan on saving the info to a 'special' thumb drive as well as an online source.  In any event, I'll create a directory locally to save all the info to and then sync that with the external storage locations.

You are not the only one. Thanks for the challenge.

I have been working on this the last few weeks (months)...  Using Open Office base to create a database that will cover all this, including the ability of attaching photos. 

Might want to also include:

Credit card info (front / back image)
Drivers Lic (front / back image)
Medical Insurance Card (front / back image)
Birth Cert
Marriage / Divorce Info
Home inventory with photos (include photo of SN / Model Plate)

Be careful about using any type of online source as it could be hack and cracked.

Having had a a robbery many years ago, I'd also include gun serial numbers in your packet.

I keep my original SS card, birth certificate, stock certificates and copies of my credit cards, debit card, driver license, insurance card, contents of my wallet, insurance policies, vehicle title, list of allergies, important contact numbers/addresses and pictures and video of the way the inside and outside of my home and vehicles look like in a safety deposit box at the bank five miles from my home.  I also have all of these items scanned in an encrypted file on my computer and printed copies in a safe and accessible place outside of the house.  Plan A, B and C.  I also have an expired driver license in my BOB.


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