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Ideas for securing the house in a bug-in situation

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Something was mentioned in another thread about using the decking from your 'deck' to reinforce your windows. 

I suppose the easiest way is to make your home look like a harder target than your neighbor's.  On the downside, it would appear that you may have some good stuff if you're all secured up like that.  For me, boarding up the windows isn't practical, there are too many.  Fitting iron bars across the back of the doors looks like crap, ain't gonna happen.   Perhaps a more practical solution for many of us is to create a safe zone within the home.  I'd call it a retreat zone, if the lights, alarms, locks, shotguns don't deter the bad guy, you have a safe zone to retreat to if needed.


--- Quote from: survivininct on April 20, 2010, 06:24:08 PM ---If you piss off the crooks, they will just burn you out!

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Kinda hard to beat that.  I suppose you can harden your home, if only for the purpose of slowing them down while you make your escape.

Capt Cook:
Here's a few ideas for you to think about.
If you live near the coast or hurricane areas, then install steel shutters. They won't stand out too much & give excellent security.
Another house improvement is working wooden window shutters with latches. They will look great, improve the value of your house & give adequate protection while giving you the option to still look & or shoot out the windows.

For the doors you have several options. The New York style apartment lock, a metal bar that sets into a metal notch in the floor & swings up underneath the doorknob. Gives good protection & can be stowed out of the way to store & it doesn't look like crap.
Barrel bolts can be installed top & bottom of your door to give extra protection. The key here is to use the longest/strongest screws you can. They can look pretty good if you get the color to match your door hardware.

An old trick was to blast the hinges on doors with a shotgun when there were extra locks on the door. You can stop this by drilling holes in the jamb & gluing dowel rods in place. Then drill angled holes in the door edge for the dowels to slip into. Sort of like a bank vault door.
My father did this for some Mafia friends he had  ;D

The sliding glass door is the real problem. Best thing you can do there is full sheets of plywood on the outside & inside.
Also, an old broom handle cut to length to fit in the track. This will give an added bit of protection & the broom handle fits in the track nice & is hard to see. In my line of work I have popped sliding doors up & out of their tracks so make sure they fit good & tight to keep this from happening.

Now here's another thing for you to do for your garage door.
Burglars will just push it in at the top in the center & pull on the disconnect cord & lift the door right up.
Drill a hole through the rail on each side & stick a screwdriver into the hole. Then when they lift up the door the guides will hit the screwdriver & keep it from going up. This came in handy for me when I had to leave my garage door open a few inches for the cats to get in.

That's all I can give you right now. I got to walk the dogs & water the garden now.

These are all really hard core ideas.  I would think that if the situation was so dire that you needed to harden you home with plywood and steel reinforcement, you might want to consider bugging out.

There is a book called Patriots, and in it there is a section about hardening a home.  It was done in a way that would not give the appearance of a hardened home.  He talked about using steel shutters and thick steel doors.  It was an interesting read and something you might want to pick up to get some more ideas.

Great feedback...thanks everyone.  I should have mentioned I'm more interested in doing a "mild" securing of the house than a full fortify.  That would just be too hard given the layout and entry points.  I live in a very low crime area, so my concerns are more around "opportunistic" criminals than a larger, more organized gang.  Unfortunately, my neighbor seems to attract crime, so I've got to be careful.  Hopefully we'll have bugged out before anything too bad gets to where I live.  Either way, I'll likely be camping out on the roof with my gear.

I already have a security bar on the slider, but that is probably still the hardest point to secure.  So I think I'm leaning towards option 1 (in my original post) and then work on securing the stairs to the deck instead.  Heck, it would be easy to keep a ladder on the deck and just cut away the stairs in an emergency.  I didn't think about the garage door, I'll have to stare at that one and see what I can do.

keep the ideas coming...


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