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Biometric Safes


I have heard Jack talk about finger print safes from time to time also that he has a finger print lock on his lap top. If you are looking to purchase a biometric or finger print safe keep in mind that if it reads only the surface layer it can be defeated with a piece of tape. Make sure that the safe or lock system you are considering reads the sublayer, they are much harder to defeat.

I suppose this is the difference between a $100 safe and a $300 safe?

How would a bad guy use the tape to defeat it, wouldn't he need YOUR finger print?

yea, its still hard to do...they did it on Mythbusters by copying a fingerprint they lifted off a piece of glass. So someone would still need to get your fingerprint and make a copy in B&W to use it... more like what your teenage son would do instead of a stranger..too much time involved.


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