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wireless light switch

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Here's a neat little item I picked up at amazon.
I can turn on a light in the opposite end of the house.
Would be handy to have if you heard someone in the house, garage, shed etc...
You could light them up from a covered position & they would have no idea where you are.

That is neat! I can see a purpose for it out here in the sticks!

Also consider

They have the x10 controllers and components - Radio Shack use to sell them (may still),.. I've used them for years.

Mr. Bill:
A late friend of mine built an X10 controller from scratch.  Literally from chips and capacitors and wires and a Z80 microprocessor, all his own design, with his own software written in assembler.  Now that was a heck of a DIY project!  I wish he were still alive to participate here.

One thing I've noticed about X10 devices is a lot of variation in range and reliability.  My friend's controller was able to transmit to most of our house as well as a distant outbuilding.  An old controller from Radio Shack can barely reach from one room to the next.  The receivers are similarly erratic.

I have had a lot of x10 hardware over the years, some from radio shack, some form other places.

The idea is "good" - but even the good hardware seems to die within a year or two in my hands.

I think an RF version over the air vs over the electrical wires would be a more reliable solution.

If you go to the x10 website - (x10 is a transmission standard?) - you will see a bunch of neat looking toys that really don't seem to perform very well.  They have never ending "deals".  I tried some of their motion sensors -  never worked well.  Some of their modules would work for a few months then go brain dead.

Many of their cameras were not effective - ie. being able to record at a fidelity useful to ID some one, etc.

After playing with the hardware on and off for over 10 years I just figured the core of the technology could not live up to my demands.

Brad - In Colorado


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