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As per an earlier discussion here is a thread for video surveillance.

Some items to keep in mind when considering Video Security.

1.  Location, Location, Location, :)  Wired vs Wireless cameras, receivers etc.
2.  Lighting:  Do you need NV or daylight only or mixed
3.  Quality of video:  Do you need high end video that can read a license number at 50 feet or just get a decent vehicle description
4.  Storage time and space:  How long do you wish to record.  Do you want to keep back logs of video for several months, or only a couple of days.  The combination of quality and time will determine space requirements.

Just a couple of items to kick the thread off with. 

This is excellent.  I found your links on the afformentioned previous thread.  I am in your debt. 


Oh hey, what did you use as a receiver for the wireless ones?  I'll do a search on Tiger but I was just wondering.


I'm useing an older version of this reciever (minus the camera)  (  I have one at each office location, but i'm going to be adding another 2 or 3 cameras when we restructure our building and i'll want to pick up a multichanel reciever to replace them with.

This has been running hands off with no user intervention for 3 years now without a glitch. is great for most of these items.  There are some better specialty shops ( is my fave) but they do tend to get pricier.

I set mine up with 4 of the X-10 B/W cameras, hardwired into 4 old VCR's with T-180 tapes, set the timers to kick in at 10pm and let the tape run to the end.  The next morning all the tapes were rewound, ejected and ready for viewing.  I had motion detector lights in the same area as each camera, so all I had to do to review the tapes was hit fast forward" and watch for the lights to come on when tripped.  I had most of the "darkness of night" covered with the cameras and motion detector lights, during the day, the other "security" items would take care of any threats.

One thing I did notice after reviewing tape after tape, just because you don't wake up the next morning and find your drivers window knocked out does not mean that there isn't a threat out there.  I just happened to catch a guy on tape as he crept up onto my cars sitting in the driveway every night for a week straight and check the door handles of each car.  I went back and more carefully reviewed the rest of the tapes from that week and even though I "saw" him the one night he tripped a motion detector light, he had been checking nightly for a week.  Me and a few "friends" were waiting for him the next night.  Hadn't been back since.



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