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Your thoughts on monitored security systems

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I couldn't find any other place to put this on the forum, so I figured I would post it here.

I just got a visit from ADT telling me that they will be happy to monitor my home for so much a month and by the way, they busted a crack house on such and such street (not too far away) and crime is on the rise in our neighborhood.

While I think that they are using fear as a sales tactic, I'd like to know your thoughts on monitored security systems. 

We have guns and a dog.  I'm not sure we need more than that. 

Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!

OC Celtic Lass:
dheisner, new member welcome here! Boy, are you going to learn much here! And the crowd is great!

Everyone pretty much believe they live in a quite neighborhood and a safe environment. We did. We live in such a neighborhood condo in southern Orange, CA. Till I got on the community board of 151 units. Oh my goodness! We have many neighbors, who we find out after they move there is a whole production of drugs in their condos. And much, much more things as we see a break down of society.

Monitored systems are great if you have a home that is too big to hear the other end of the house or if you are gone alot. Yet, I believe a gun and a big dog that will growl when you are gone is a great security system in it self. Burglars have stated that they will go to another house if the one house they chose has a dog that growls. Hey, that is good advise from a burglar! Of course they run to another house if an alarm goes off too. So, if your dog is small and does not growl, all you need to do is set up your own system of a simple alarm, just to make noise. Some people have simply put a security sign in their yard to detour burglars. (I don't know about that one.) We do not have a dog yet. We have a two story home and cannot hear if someone breaks in down stairs. That is BAD! We either need a big growling dog or an alarm system that makes noise. We need it now too! Good luck.

I would get an alarm system, but I wouldn't pay to have it monitored. My system is not monitored and I still get a break on my homeowners ins. A loud audible will scare them off and a big dog inside too.

Mr. Bill:
Oh heck.  I thought it said "Your thoughts monitored on security systems" and I was expecting to read about new brain-scanning technology at security checkpoints!  I guess that's not until next year.  8)

I've never had one of these systems.  Two thoughts...

* How does the system connect to the central office?  Can your Bad Guy disable it by just cutting the phone line?  Is your phone connection exposed in one of those boxes on the side of your house?
* What will they actually do when they receive an alert?  Will they phone the police every time?  Do your local police bill you for false alarms?  If they don't phone the police every time, how do they decide that?


 You can buy a cheap 30.00 dollar silent phone line alarm to your cell phone on the cheap and can even hook up a horn.Try e-bay.



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