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240 V is nothing more than two 120 V circuits that are opposite.  Quick and dirty, think of it as a 120 and a -120 put together, you have a 240 V difference.

Your house works the same way.  The power company gives you two 120 V circuits.  You then one of these for your 120 V stuff and both for the 240 V stuff.

I would imagine any generator with 240 V output also has 120 V output.  Most of the smaller ones have separate connectors as the plugs are different for obvious reasons.

Terrific info!  Thanks, all.  Keep it coming if you have something to add.

Based on what I'm seeing here, I probably need a mid-sized, portable.  I hope to use it more when camping than during power outages.  At least that's what I hope!  So, that would make the house hookup stuff overkill.

Who knows though, I'll keep watchin' the news and might get prompted to add a larger, house hookup generator later.  Baby steps, right?!


Was wondering through Home Depot this past weekend before christmas and found they had a Homlite gen set, 11 hp, 5700 continous/7900 surge gas units on sale for $699.00

Not a bad unit for the price.  Powered by a subaru pull start gas engine

Just an FYI for all


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