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Bandwidth message today

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I got a no Bandwidth response also

Probably just outgrew the amount he was paying for or the amount he's set aside on his own servers.  Happens when you become too popular :)

(That'll teach ya, Jack!)

This is a good problem to have  ;D Nothing worse then paying for bandwidth and not using it.

Jack did you double it again?

Heavy G:
If a bandwidth problem means a flood of visitors to the site, I wonder how many hits a day the site gets?  Anyone know? 

What about trends in the number of hits?  I'm guessing there's spike on that graph.

I explained it on today's show but here it is in a nutshell. 

When I started I just used one of my hosting accounts and never thought the show would take off like it did.  I have since had to buy extra bandwidth to keep up, of course when I went on the road for two days it caught up with me.  I added another 50 gigs to the monthly allocation and I think we are good now.

The forum and the site itself is only accounting for a small fraction of the bandwidth used it is the big audio file that really hit it.  Each show (in the older format) was about 8-10 mb and when that is downloaded 2-3 thousand times a day, well, it adds up fast.

So I got a dedicated audio server about 10 days ago and have been doing even higher quality recordings now with it.  The issue though is only the new shows are going there and with 3/4ths of a month on the old server coupled with the new people that go download all the old shows when they first find the site it just went over my allocation. 

With the dedicated audio server and my new set up we should not have any more problems.  Had I understood how this site was going to take off I would have set up a dedicated audio server from day one.  So I plan on training my wife on moving the files and redoing the embeds one at a time and eventually moving each of the old shows to the new dedicated server.  This will take time but with all new audio on the new server and all the text etc on the old one we should be good to go from now on.

The audio server holds the shows and just serves them on this domain, just in case you are curious the new shows are all stored in this directory,

With the exception of  introone-ed.mp3  (which was used for testing) all of these most recent shows are much higher quality audio then they were even a month ago.  I hope the improvement has been worth the headaches (to both me and ya'll)


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