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Bandwidth message today

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Aunt Bee:
Am I the only one who got a message that the podcast and forum had exceeded their bandwidth today.  I listened to part one of the winter garden podcast this morning with no problem but when I tried to listen to part two, I got the error message.  I looked around but didn't see a comment from anyone else so I'm thinking maybe it was just me.  I've tried all day to get back on and this is the first time I've been able to but I am on a different computer too.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
No, dont worry. You weren't the only one who saw that.
I was posting a pretty long post when it went down.  ::)
It's due to the fact that the whole site is being flooded by visitors to the point that it just couldn't handle it.  Which is kind of a cool problem. We're always glad to see folks checking us out, we just don't want stuff shutting down.
I emailed Jack and he got it back up.
No worries.

Nope.  When I woke up this afternoon & tried to login I got the same message.

We're back up & running now though so all is well. ;D

Patriot:Ex Machina:
And Thank God for it. I wasd going into DTs.  ;D

I also got the NO Bandwidith message.

Perhaps the forum needs a fall back location?


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