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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to gather some thoughts about having an actual food producing plot of dirt on the balcony for myself and other apartment dwellers.  My wife and I go through a good amount of squash and potatoes, so it makes sense for me to try and get those produced.

I live in middle Tennessee and my balcony is the top (3rd floor) level with a S/W exposure, so it gets a lot of light most of the day.  It is 5x10 feet with a few small flower pots already out there (none hanging at the moment). 

I worry about the sunlight, but am not opposed to putting up a sun blind over the planter.  I'm wondering if there's any reason why I can't get a successful potato or squash plant to grow other than pure size restrictions.

Anyone got any tips/suggestions?


Potatoes and squash take lots of room to grow. I'd try and find crops that grow vertically. Beans, Peas, you might be able to train squash to grow an a trellis, tomatoes, lettuce greens, things like that would be more suited to an apartment garden

I don't know about potatoes, but you can grow squash vertically.  Get a good sized pot, use plenty of compost in the soil (1/3) and build a strong structure to support the plant.  If you support the plant, it will hold the fruit.

I have even seen watermellon grown vertically.


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